Poem: My Body

Natasha Lee
1 min readMay 20, 2022

December 23, 2021

My body
is scared.

My body
so well-studied
still remains unknown.

My body
too comfortable in my mother’s womb
today feels exposed

Like a lost balloon
that once belonged
to children’s hands.

My body feels
like playing
and dancing all day.

But my body gets weak
at the sight of

My body
adjusts to society’s standards
until it hurts too much

Until it is in pain
my body
will always say yes.

My body likes to please.
It feels connected
to bodies asking for it.

My body gets relieved
by the sound
of love.

Although sometimes mistaken
my body
chooses to believe.

My body loves
to interact
with good souls.

My body

When I love
my body speaks
only truth.

My body
is shared
when is valued.

When I feel
my body is fire.

My body transforms
every single thing
it touches.

When at peace
I feel at ease
with others’ bodies.

My body is water
from which bodies
can drink.

I become wind
when my body
is one with me.

And we walk
unmeasurable distances
that require no feet.

My body swims
my body flies
my body is

both the goal
and the path
my body is

cycles and seasons.

My body
is always
to be continued.



Natasha Lee

Tengo una mente a la que le cuesta dormir, y un alma y corazón a los que les cuesta dejarse morir. Boricua.